CBD Tea – hemp tea

CBD tea or hemp tea is a good way to consume CBD and an excellent alternative or supplement to CBD oil. You make CBD tea from cannabis leaves and stems and thereby get water-soluble CBD that is absorbed extremely efficiently by the body.

Boil the tea for 5 minutes and remember to add a little oil or butter to the tea during the boiling. This way you get all the cannabinoids out of the tea. 

We have a wide range of teas with different properties. Tea for  insomnia, strengthen the immune system, relaxation to name a few.

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      • cbd tea relax in bags – 30g

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      • cbd tea relax in bags Reduces stress | Relieves anxiety | Promotes good sleep Contains 20 bags of 1,5g each. A total  of 30g. This is the best hemp tea because it incorporates multiple relaxing ingredients on top of hemp, ensuring you enjoy ultimate tranquility. If you need CBD tea for relaxing, you needn’t look any further - CBD Tea…