HHC prerolls

Enjoy a HHC preroll of the highest quality. Easy to light and no hassle with grinder, paper and filter. Everything is ready to go. HHC prerolls made in the USA ensures the highest quality.

Since we buy in bulk, we can negotiate good prices for CBD buds and flowers so you can reap the benefits. There are new brands and buds coming in all the time, so check in regularly.

Our HHC prerolls

HHC Prerolls

Are you in a hurry and don’t have time to grind, roll papers and remember where you put your organic tips? Then our HHC prerolls is for you. They are ready for use and you don’t have to think of anything. Just enjoy!

And of course…Made in USA.

Pura HHC Prerolls

Great hand crafted HHC prerolls based on indoor grown hemp flowers. Every preroll is contained in its own plastic container which is sealed to keep freshness and taste intact. Each preroll contains 30mg HHC which makes it a good smoke.

DVNT HHC prerolls

DVNT HHC prerolls are the ultimate experience. They are strong and they are not the place where you start if you haven’t tried HHC before. But when you get there…Pure enjoyment.


HHC prerolls

What is a HHC Preroll or Prerolled Joint?

This is a question we hear often. Basically they are the same but still very different.

You roll your own joint and you can decide everything in the proces. If you want to use king size rolling papers and what kind of filter you want. It all depends on your taste and mood.

A preroll on the other hand all this has been decided for you. You buy a pre-fabricted product so to speak.

In this case you trade flexibility with convenience. Just light the stick and go.

That’s the cool thing about hhc prerolls.

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