Organic CBD hash

If you like to smoke CBD buds then you should try CBD hash – or resins as its commonly called – too. At long last we’ve seen new and very good quality emerge. This area has grown a lot in popularity. It’s easier to make strong hash than flowers so you get a very different experince when smoking it.

CBD hash is either made from resin or pollen. Hash made from resin is more oily and nicer to massage. Due to the high content of oil in resin based hash they are softer than pollen based hash. Which one is better depends on taste – and you. But try it. We have several here waiting for you.

Our organic CBD hash - CBD resin

Tree CBD

We sell CBD hash from Tree CBD. We consider them premium quality and you get a lot of bang for the buck. We sell in quantites of 2g, 5g and 10g. If you need larger quantities let us know.

Swiss made

Swiss made cbd hash is a very attractive and high quality product. It’s made from the best plant parts and cbd extract. If you’re looking for good hash you’ve found it here.

Organic CBD hash

CBD Hash

CBD hash is a product made from either pollen or resin from the cannabis plant.

Hash based on pollen is usually more dry than hash based on resin. Resin based hash looks and handles more like traditional hash. But both types of CBD hash are veru good alternatives to our CBD buds