HHC Hash

Usage and acceptance of HHC hash have exploded over the last year. It means that the market has been overflowed with good and bad products. We have chosen the best brands for you. Brands where quality and price are optimal.

Since we buy in bulk, we can negotiate good prices for HHC Hash so you can reap the benefits. There are new brands and buds coming in all the time, so check in regularly.

Our HHC hash

HHC Hash US Import

There’s no reason to hide the fact: The best HHC products come from USA. So  of course we have our own HHC hash imported from over there. It’s top notch. Soft, strong and with a great taste. And check the price.

Cannastra HHC hash

Cannastra is producing a long range of HHC products of outstanding quality. We sell their HHC hash and you will not be dissapointed with it.

Eighty8 HHC Hash

Eighty8 is a new brand on the market. They produce ultra potent HHC products and everything to the highest standard. Expect a lot more products from Eighty8 in the future. We’re ready.

Euphoria HHC Hash

Euphoria is one of the largest cannabis vendors and distributors in the world. They have huge selection of products across spanning from HHC vapes over HHC buds to HHC hash. Of course you can buy their quality hhc hash with us. Good quality and good prices.

Hash HHC

Hash HHC

HHC hash is made from pollen from the cannabis flower or resin which is more like the oil of the flower.

The process is very similar to CBD hash.

That’s why hash HHC not only contains HHC but also a good percentage of CBD.

All products are legal in the EU.


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