Organic CBD oil

All our cbd oils are organic and made from the best ecological hemp. Our prices are low but our quality is high.

We sell organic cbd oils of different types. You can buy CO2 extracted oil, Alcohol extrated oil, CBD paste and as capsules.

Our organic cbd oil - full spectrum

Alcohol extracted - contains THC

Premium organic CBD oil with a very mild taste. The CBD is dissolved in MCT oil (coconut oil basically) . Being alcohol extrated it conserves most of the cannabinoids from the plant and a small amount of THC < 0.2%. So it’s fully legal in the EU. This is by far our best oil and we produce it ourselves in Denmark.

CBD Oil capsules

If you don’t like the tast of CBD oil and hemp this is the best solution for you. Just swallow a capsule and you have your dose of CBD without bad taste in your mouth…

Organic CBD oil

We’re selling a broad range of premium organic cbd oils. Since people have different tastes and needs it’s difficult to discuss what oil is the best.

When producing CBD oil the CBD is usually extracted using either alcohol or CO2. The result is quite different and we’ll try to desrcibe this difference in a few words.

Alcohol extracted cbd oil

When extracting using alcohol the plants are usually crushed before being submerged in alcohol. It makes the extraction easier and gives a better yield.

After a certain time plant residues are removed from the compound and the alcohol is evaporated by ordinary fractional destillation. Just like in the old times in physics and chemistry classes.

It leaves the raw CBD paste. The paste can be dissolved in different solvents like hemp oil, oliveoil or mct oil to name a few.

This is basically the original Simpsons way of making CBD oil.

Since the paste is heated in the process alcohol extration is described as a hot extraction. Heating the paste means that some cannabinoids  will transform into their decarboyladed state. For instance THCA becomes THC after releasing a CO2 molecule.

The consequence is that alcohol extracted oil contains more THC than CO2 extracted oil.

CO2 extracted cbd oil