H4CBD Gummies and edibles

H4CBD gummies is a very easy way to try the effect of H4CBD. Contrary to H4CBD buds and hash gummes are just fire and forget. You eat a gummi and observeses how it works. No smoke or fiddling with grindes. Just try it.

H4CBD is said to be the CBD on steroids. It will greatly enhance the effect of regular CBD. So to try it out buy a package of H4CBD gummies and se what great thing is will do for you.

Our H4CBD Gummies and edibles

Euphoria H4CBD Gummies

H4CBD Gummies and edibles

H4CBD buds and H4CBD flowers is an alternative way to consume CBD compounds. When you smoke, the effect comes faster, which may be desirable if you suffer from stress or PTSD, for example.

Our h4cbd buds all contain less than the 0.2% THC which is the legal content. You do not get high from smoking these products but they can be very contributing to you ‘falling down’ if you suffer from PTSD, stress-related problems or ADHD, for example.

Please note, however, that we do not encourage smoking, as this has other health consequences.

All products are legal in the EU.