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      <div class="bapl_ajax_replace bapl_ajax_tleft" style="display:none;" data-id="11238"></div>Cannaline CBD vape – 90% CBD<div class="bapl_ajax_replace bapl_ajax_tright" style="display:none;" data-id="11238"></div>
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      • Cannaline CBD vape – 90% CBD

      • 28,00
      • cannaline CBD Vape Pen with 90% CBD The fastest way to feel the effect of CBD is through smoking. Full spectrum extract with 90% CBD/CBDA gives you the best effect you can possibly get from CBD. Rechargeable (USB cable not included) 900 mg CBD/CBDA No PG/VG Natural terpenes Full spectrum Cannabinoids & natural terpenes
    • <div class="bapl_ajax_replace bapl_ajax_tleft" style="display:none;" data-id="8652"></div>Cannaline lip balm with CBD – 15 ml<div class="bapl_ajax_replace bapl_ajax_tright" style="display:none;" data-id="8652"></div>
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      • Cannaline lip balm with CBD – 15 ml

      • 9,75
      • Cannaline lip balm with CBD Do you need kiss-ready lips in record time or has the dry air and sun of winter given you chapped lips? So do not despair ... we have the right product to get you happy again. Just apply the cream to your lips as often as necessary. It will get your lips in great shape…
    • <div class="bapl_ajax_replace bapl_ajax_tleft" style="display:none;" data-id="8788"></div>cbd tea relax in bags – 30g<div class="bapl_ajax_replace bapl_ajax_tright" style="display:none;" data-id="8788"></div>
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      • cbd tea relax in bags – 30g

      • 6,50
      • cbd tea relax in bags Reduces stress | Relieves anxiety | Promotes good sleep Contains 20 bags of 1,5g each. A total  of 30g. This is the best hemp tea because it incorporates multiple relaxing ingredients on top of hemp, ensuring you enjoy ultimate tranquility. If you need CBD tea for relaxing, you needn’t look any further - CBD Tea…
    • <div class="bapl_ajax_replace bapl_ajax_tleft" style="display:none;" data-id="8748"></div>Dr Smoke Amnesia CBD buds – 18% CBD<div class="bapl_ajax_replace bapl_ajax_tright" style="display:none;" data-id="8748"></div>
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      • Dr Smoke Amnesia CBD buds – 18% CBD

      • 20,00
      • Dr Smoke Amnesia CBD buds Dr smoke Amnesia CBD bud is a Sative dominant strain. It has a very strong vegetal scent and an exceptionally sweet smell, with a pungent citrus presence. This sativa-dominant mix exudes a strong earthy aroma that contains undertones of sour lemon, and a pleasant sweetness that wafts through the air. This beautiful blend exudes a…
    • <div class="bapl_ajax_replace bapl_ajax_tleft" style="display:none;" data-id="8745"></div>Dr Smoke Caramel Candy CBD buds – 15% CBD<div class="bapl_ajax_replace bapl_ajax_tright" style="display:none;" data-id="8745"></div>
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      • Dr Smoke Caramel Candy CBD buds – 15% CBD

      • 20,00
      • Dr Smoke Caramel Candy CBD buds Caramel Candy is an Indica-dominant CBD cbd flower with fruit and coffee notes that make it unique and particularly attractive. Caramel Candy is a flower with good relaxing properties as it is an Indica strain. That guarantees an intense state of relaxation. This hybrid plant is perfect for loosening the mind and letting go…
    • <div class="bapl_ajax_replace bapl_ajax_tleft" style="display:none;" data-id="8739"></div>Dr Smoke Gelato CBD buds 2 g – 19% CBD (indoor)<div class="bapl_ajax_replace bapl_ajax_tright" style="display:none;" data-id="8739"></div>
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      • Dr Smoke Gelato CBD buds 2 g – 19% CBD (indoor)

      • 20,00
      • Dr Smoke Gelato CBD buds beautiful, compact, dense buds with orange hues that stand out clearly under a slightly airy ensemble. In short, a feast for the eyes ... The smell and taste: fruity and sweet aroma with an incomparable sweetness and slightly spicy notes: in short, a sorbet). Flower: GELATO. CBD: 19.56%. THC - 0.17%. Indor.   Return to…
    • <div class="bapl_ajax_replace bapl_ajax_tleft" style="display:none;" data-id="8692"></div>Dr Smoke Master Kush CBD buds – 2g (Greenhouse)<div class="bapl_ajax_replace bapl_ajax_tright" style="display:none;" data-id="8692"></div>
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      • Dr Smoke Master Kush CBD buds – 2g (Greenhouse)

      • 20,00
      • Dr Smoke Master Kush cbd buds Experience the new CBD Master Kush flower from Italy. It is characterized by its natural, very woody and spicy aromas and its predominance of indica. The cbd buds also has a high CBD content and will immediately evoke memories of the 90s with its kush and skunk references. This very popular strain will definitely…
    • <div class="bapl_ajax_replace bapl_ajax_tleft" style="display:none;" data-id="8712"></div>Eco cbd pollen with 30% crystals – 35% CBD<div class="bapl_ajax_replace bapl_ajax_tright" style="display:none;" data-id="8712"></div>
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      • Eco cbd pollen with 30% crystals – 35% CBD

      • 21,0034,50
      • ECO CBD pollen with 30% crystals Pollen added 30% CBD crystals (3 grams pr bag). Pollen extracted from Futura 75 which is an EU certified cannabis strain. Pollen originates from hand-picked cbd buds from which pollen has been mechanically removed. The fact that the buds are hand-picked means that you do not have any content of lubricants or anything else…
    • <div class="bapl_ajax_replace bapl_ajax_tleft" style="display:none;" data-id="11447"></div>Euphoria CBD Hash Afghan Hash 1g – 25% CBD<div class="bapl_ajax_replace bapl_ajax_tright" style="display:none;" data-id="11447"></div>
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      • Euphoria CBD Hash Afghan Hash 1g – 25% CBD

      • 12,00
      • Euphoria CBD Hash Gelato Cannabis hash with 19% CBD and Jamaican Dream terpenes. Nice and soft. The product is manufactured by and distributed by Euphoria. The world's largest cannabis food producer. contains: 1g The product is sold in a small pod that keeps the hash fresh. Back to organic cbd hash  

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