Champ High Mini Glass Rainbow Bong – 12,5 cm


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Silicone Bong Skulls Glow-In-The-Dark Black

Is this scary or what… :-). You see dead people everywhere when using this bong.

Height: 13 cm

Color: black

Dimensions: 7 × 9 × 13 cm

Weight: 0,114kg

Brand: Urban Crew

Material: Food grade silicone


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Champ High Mini Glass Rainbow Bong

No matter where and how you look at this bong you always see nice colors. Shine some light and you’re somewhere over the rainbow…

Beautiful colors when light hits it.

The bong comes in 4 different shapes. We cannot guarantee which one we’ll ship you. If important please write us and we’ll try to find the right shape…but no guarantee.

The chillum and bowl are made from metal with a built-in filter.

Height: 12,5cm

Color: lots of colors… :-)…rainbow

Dimensions: 16 × 17 × 13 cm

Weight: 0,125 kg

Brand: Champ High

Material: Glass



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