Champ High Dripping Leaf Paint Metal Grinder 4 Parts – 50mm


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Champ High Dripping Leaf Paint Metal Grinder 4 Parts – 50mm

A Grinder Dripping With Features.

Easy to use and extemely durable.

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Champ High Dripping Leaf Paint Metal Grinder 4 Parts – 50mm

A Grinder Dripping With Features

On the lookout for a sharp-cut grinder to get the grinding going for your happy hours?

Ever heard of the Champ High Dripping Water Leaf Grinder? Armed with an excellent dripping leaf plant design, this grinder is definitely going to be a favourite among you and your friends. One you would not mind boasting of to your friends. Just imagine you flexing one of these colourful new grinders, and you’ll see how happy you’ll become with its incredible features.

These devices are packed with sharp teeth – the Jaws of grinders – that ensure a consistent grind for any flower or herb, despite the density. You are guaranteed fine particles after every grind. Its teeth are designed in a way that prevents them from wearing out. They are also evenly spread across the face of the grinder plate. This helps avoid pieces of herbs from being stuck in between them.

Now you can cheerfully say goodbye to clogged-up grinders.

Our Champ High Dripping Leaf Paint grinders have a grind section that is wide enough for large grinds! A whopping 50mm in diameter! It also has four distinct parts, including a screen section that filters the ground powder to even finer particles for smooth rolling.

That way, you don’t have to worry about your rolling papers getting punctured by hard bits left during the grind. And if you’re irritated by the smoke of burning seeds, your worries are over because this screen will filter all that out, keeping it smooth and clean. Pure joy.

Enjoy Its Portable And Handy Design

The Champ High Dripping Water Leaf Grinder is portable enough to fit between your hands and comfortable enough to give a firm grip while grinding. You can also carry it around as this grinder can easily fit into your pockets or bags.

The storage chamber is large enough to accommodate large amounts of ground herbs. The product is also made of high-grade aluminium that is corrosion- and rust-resistant. This ensures that these grinders last long for you. Even if you bring it to festivals and wake up in mud. Your grinder will still work so don’t worry be happy.

The aluminium material will stand the test of time and is not easily broken even if the grinders fall on the floor or are hit by hard objects.

Rest assured that this product is an excellent product made of the best quality.



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