Combie All-In-One pocket grinder – Graffiti


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Combie All-In-One pocket grinder

Cool little all-in-one grinder. Compact grinder with room for a (built in) grinder, papers and tips so all the important things in life is stored in one place. Deliveres with king size papers and tips. You only have to supply the herbs.

Easy to use and fits everywhere – in a pocket, bag or just on your table.

Looks good with nice motiv.

Dimensions: 110 x 34 x 22mm


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Functionality and Durability In a Pocket-Sized Companion

A nice and compact Combie All-In-One pocket grinder – Graffiti, a simple invention that stores weed, grinder, papers, and filters in a single pocket-sized contraption! No space wasted.

This 6-in-1 grinder and storage container from Combie packs a lot of functionality into a pocket-sized travel container.

The grinder is delivered with king size papers, tips and a cleaning pen to clean your grinder.

This Combie pocket-size 6-in-1 grinder features:

Graffiti wall art designs on it with different designs.

A Japanese catfish surfing the tide

A mafia guerilla with a herb roll in his mouth

An amigo cactus with a yellow skull wearing a sombrero, and

A pink skull with glasses and a crown floating in a cloud of smoke.

Combie All-in-One dry herb grinders are specially crafted with multiple compartments and include:

All-natural King-Size rolling papers with toxin-free cardboard filters

A useful cleaning tool, and

A large interior compartment to safely store and mix your ground aromatic herbs.

The Perfect Design To Appeal To All

This remarkable grinder is well thought out and to one side of the grinder itself is a storage compartment, and on the other is a mixing tray. Next to the grinder is a cleaning pin, so that you can always pull out those bits of sticky resin for a super potent hash blast! On the back, there is storage suitable for king-sized papers and a pack of filter tips.

The Combie All-In-One pocket grinder – Graffiti is made of reinforced nylon, giving it strength, rigidity, and durability, so it can withstand the impacts of daily wear and tear.





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