THC-P hash

THC-P hash

Canatura THC-P Hash

High quality THC-P hash from one of the leading manufactures in Europe of THC-P products.

THC-P Hash

A THC-P vape or a THC-P pen is just like it’s counter part – the tobacco vape. But contrary to tobacco vapes THC-P vapes don’t contain Nicotin.

Our THC-P vapes comes in may forms and shapes. The most common is the vape or pen which is usually disposable meaning you throw away the pen when it’s empty for THC-P. It cannot be refilled.

Since the content of THC-P usually outlasts the battery all vapes are rechargeable. Most common is the Micro USB connector.

Another way is buying the vape battery as a single entity and then buy single THC-P vape pods that fits this battery. Usually a battery will work with a whole spectrum of THC-P pods since the connection is a standard mount.

We’re selling THC-P apes from

Happy Garden
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Euphoria THC-P

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The tree CBD
THC-P vape Spain

We’re among the leading sellers of THC-P vapes in Spain. We have a good selction of THC-P Vape cartridges or pods and disposable THC-P vapes.

All our vapes THC-P are high quality in the vape and hhc content.

Some other interesting expressions are Vaper THC-P and vapes THC-P which are used by a lot of people. Not only in Spain but all over Europe. It’s all about the same subject.

This section is just THC-P vape and their different brands. Which THC-P vape is best is up to you to decide. We have a good selction of THC-P vapes so you can try all you want.

We sell THC-P vapes not only in Spain but all over Europe.

THC-P Store spain

We’re not only selling THC-P online in Spain. We have a nice shop in San Pedro de Alcantara where you can drop by and see our THC-P products and find the THC-P vape or THC-P vapes you want.

We still believe we have the best selection of THC-P vape and THC-P products on Costa del Sol. From Malaga to Estepona.

Buy your THC-P in our THC-P shop in Marbella and San Pedro de Alcantara. Also visit our THC-P shop if you are in Estepona.

What is THC-P vape?

It is an electronic device that makes the consumption of THC-P easy and discreet.

No need to work with THC-P bud and grinders. No use for filter tips and paper.

As with an e-cigarette, it will heat up the liquid so you can enjoy the full effects of THC-P in one puff. Just the THC-P vape around you will give you away.

The product in our THC-P cartridges and THC-P pods comes from hemp.

The raw materials go through a rigorous sorting process to provide you with the best THC-P vape and an outstanding experience!

What are the advantages of THC-P vape?
The benefits of THC-P

The molecular structure of our new cannabinoid is close to that of THC. Therefore, their effects are related.

However, it’s only similarities.

Indeed, THC-P is much softer. Those who have already tested it praise its relaxing effect, its power to improve mood and sleep.

Feel the effects of THC-P quickly

Inhaling THC-P vapor is also an effective way to feel the effects of the substance quickly.

Indeed, the molecules go directly in the blood and are not altered by the various transformations like digestion.

If you ingest THC-P it usually takes as much as 20 minutes before you feel the effect and it is difficult to adjust the amount you need.