Actitube active carbon slim filters – 10 / 50 pcs

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Actitube active carbon filters

Product Features

10 or 50 filters pr package

High-quality and highly functional filters

Guarantees an authentic experience for you

Blocks out tars, ash, and other impurities

Ensures a cleaner and smoother relaxation session

Lightweight and portable

Premium-quality product from a trusted brand

Made in Germany

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Actitube active carbon slim filters

10 or 50 filters pr package.

For A Truly Authentic Relaxation Time

Activated Carbon for filtered smoke

Discover an extra-slim variant of the actitube filters with activated carbon. This small cigarette-like tube contains stone-activated, plant-origin carbon, which absorbs any impurities in smoke, thus enhancing the tobacco quality. The result is a significantly more pleasant smoke that enlightens the entire smoking experience.

Actitube uses only the highest quality carbon in pellet form, which completely fills up the filter to ensure the most efficient filtration and maximum capacity possible. Most other filters are poorly filled with coal breccia carbon, giving the smoke a way around the carbon and thus reducing the filtration capacity tremendously.

Smooth and improved experience.

The activated slim carbon filters incorporate a special end cap that doesn’t clog the joints. These devices are designed specifically for joints.
Purchase Actitube’s carbon filters today to give your customers a soft and improved quality, less stress on the lungs, and an overall better smoking experience.

Product Features

Effectively filters out tar through a unique process

Practically odorless

Your customers enjoy a truly authentic relaxation time.

Slim and light filters

Sturdy and durable

Comes with a sleek ceramic casing that ensures

Filtration That Makes a Notable Difference

Activated carbon filtration is truly wonderful, it traps all the unwanted chemicals so that you can enjoy pollutant-free products.

And these Actitube filters are highly efficient.

The ceramic encasing adds a premium look and makes the filters more durable and sturdy.

Each pack contains 10 or 50 Pieces.

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10 pieces, 50 pieces

1 review for Actitube active carbon slim filters – 10 / 50 pcs

  1. Henriette

    I wish I had known these filters existed before. I can feel that they remove lots of s… from the smoke. I feel better in my lunggs even after just 2 weeks of use.

    i have recommende them to my sister too. shes a havy smoker.

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