Milk thistle oil


Milk thistle oil is the best oil you have never heard of. The oil is great for repairing e.g. liver damage due to its high content of the drug Silymarin.

Content 250 ml.

Store cool and dark.

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Milk thistle oil

The oil is pressed from milk thistle seeds of the highest quality.

✓ Cold pressed (unrefined). Our oil always comes from first pressing.

✓ It is made in small portions so you can be sure that you always get fresh milk thistle oil.

✓ Has a neutral taste with a barely noticeable bitter note.

✓ It is an excellent addition to meals: it perfectly highlights the taste of salads, dressings, mayonnaise and pasta.

✓ Among other oils, milk thistle oil is characterized by the high content of essential unsaturated fatty acids.


Use the oil as part of your daily diet. It can be easily used in salads and dressings.

As it is an aromatic oil, it is not suitable for frying at high temperatures.

Other features

Milk thistle oil contains large amounts of silymarin which is one of several active ingredients in the plant. These drugs are widely used to treat liver diseases such as fatty liver and cirrhosis.

One of the properties of Silymarin in particular is that the substance stimulates the spread and formation of new liver cells. This can be used to great advantage in connection with. liver damage where the oil will help the body regenerate the liver.

In addition, this plant has other properties that can be used to treat various disorders of the organism quite naturally.

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Best used cold.

Store in a dark and dry place at a temperature below 20 ° C. Keep away from sunlight.

Natural turbidity and sediment can fall out: this is a natural phenomenon that does not affect the nutritional value of the oil.

Contents: 250 ml


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